Welcome to the Piper M500



Sleek and sexy without sacrificing safety, the M500 is the profile of perfection. This single engine turboprop, with the latest in Garmin Safety Technology, remains a study in priorities. Six-place seating and a pressurized cabin comfortably accommodate passengers, prioritizing precious assets, while the 500 SHP Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turbine satisfies the most discerning pilot by providing adrenaline-inducing, powerful performance and unmatched reliability. Like its Meridian predecessors before, the M500 is a celebrated crowd-pleaser and still the best value in its class.

Interior Options

The M500 interior is available in two distinct color palettes:

* Firenze Interior: Choose between Vanilla or Black seats. Side panel will be of the contrasting color choice.

Comfort stepped up

As you step up the airstair door entrance into the spacious M500, you will be greeted with cabin-class seats featuring hand-selected leather, tanned in Italy. These natural leather seats offer not only luxury, but flexibility. With adjustable backrests and the ability to fold down, even more cabin space can be created for your passengers or luggage. Passengers have easy access to the interior baggage compartment and amenities such as the two 110-volt outlets. Situated around the cabin, you can also find the standard individual cup holders, reading lights, air vents, and built-in work table. LED accent strip lighting fills the cabin in warm light. All of these attributes work collectively to make any business or personal flight as comfortable as possible for pilots and passengers alike.


The M500 exterior styling offers a two-tone scheme in Axalta Imron polyurethane paint with a choice of metallic or non-metallic colors. Registration numbers are color coordinated. Custom paint schemes are quoted upon request.

Piper Aircraft uses Axalta™ Imron® Polyurethane on all of their new aircraft

Specifications and Performance



Garmin G1000 avionics suite with synthetic vision. Dual 10” PFDs, Single 12.4” MFD, Dual GIA 63W NAV/COM/GPS, GFC 700 Autopilot with Enhanced AFCS, GMC 710 AP Controller, GCU 476 keypad, Garmin FliteCharts, SafeTaxi, GMA 350 Audio Panel, Dual GDC 74A Air Data Computers, GTX 33ES Transponder, GWX 68 Weather Radar and Aspen EFD-1000 Stand-by Flight Instruments, Fully Integrated Digital Pressurization.


Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) | PiperAire Air Conditioning | Yaw Damper System | Hardwired Cockpit Bose A20 Headsets | Dual USB Charging Ports.


  • 110 Volt AC Power Outlet
  • Jeppesen ChartView
  • GSR-56 Iridium Transceiver
  • GDL 69A XM WX Satellite Radio Weather
  • WX-500 Stormscope
  • TAWS-B
  • DME BendixKing KN 63
  • GTS-825 Traffic Advisory System
  • GTX 33ES Second Transponder
  • GTX 33D ES Diversity Digital Transponder with dual antennas
  • United Kingdom Lighting Package
  • Top Metallic Base Coat
  • Bottom Metallic Base Coat
  • Optional Meridian Paint Scheme
  • AmSafe Aviation Airbag System (crew seats)


Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology takes situational awareness to a new level, regardless of what you can or cannot see through the windshield. Acquiring information from multiple certified databases, synthetic vision graphically depicts obstacles, terrain, water, and airports, providing you with all of the information you require for safer travel.


With stall protections developed
 as part of the USP system, coupled go-arounds are possible without disengaging the autopilot. With this feature, the autopilot remains engaged and will fly the missed approach. If power is not added, the USP system will maintain a speed just above stall warning, adjusting airplane pitch attitude as required.


The M600 features the pinnacle of pilot and passenger peace of mind: Level Mode, a function that, when triggered, will return the aircraft to a wings level attitude with zero vertical speed. Upon activation, Level Mode will automatically engage the flight director and autopilot functions to return the aircraft to straight and level flight. By simply pressing the blue
button, Level Mode is activated and cancels all armed and active modes, without impeding other autopilot modes available. This ingenious additional safety measure provides further reassurance for pilot and passengers in the circumstantial case it would be required.


Preventing the onset of stalls, spins, steep spirals, and loss-of-
control conditions, this passive feature discourages aircraft operation
outside the desired flight envelope. ESP functions independently of the autopilot system, and only takes effect when the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft with the autopilot disengaged. It works as a soft barrier to keep the Piper M600 inside the preferred performance envelope by automatically engaging servos to slightly correct control surface positions when the aircraft exceeds one or more flight parameters, essentially encouraging it back inside optimal flight specifications.


The standard GTX 33ES provides ADS-B out functionality. ADS-B In can be achieved by adding the optional GTS-825 Traffic Advisory System. The GTS-825 (ADS-B In) traffic systems provide a comprehensive traffic picture. It can track up to 75 targets within a
 40 nm interrogation range. Additionally, spoken ATC-like aural alerts help manage your safe flight.


Underspeed Protection (USP) is
 an intuitive flight director function that reacts to underspeed conditions in a way that allows the autopilot 
to remain engaged, but prevents the airplane from stalling.