Continuing Airworthiness Management

“Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation” is quite a title, but in practice this means that we take on the full responsibility of the well-being of your aircraft. Below is a summary of the tasks we can perform for your aircraft. These tasks can be performed under our own CAMO approval or, in case of commercial operations, as subcontractor under the AOC.

Aircraft enrollment

  • Assessing the aircraft’s records + verifying its maintenance history
  • Adding the aircraft on CAMO certification
  • Organizing bridging inspections with the previous maintenance program
  • Organizing the rectification of any defects discovered during maintenance
  • Coordinating scheduled maintenance
  • Controlling the replacement of life-limited parts and component inspection requirements
  • Undertaking all occurrence reporting as mandated by the relevant regulations

Aircraft maintenance program

  • Setting up the aircraft maintenance program, for the specific aircraft configuration
  • Organizing the approval of the maintenance program
  • Performance of the annual maintenance program review
  • Set-up and execution of the reliability program, if required
  • Organizing the implementation of all AD’s, SB’s and SIB’s

Technical administration

  • Maintenance tracking using a state of the art software program
  • Aircraft, engine and component records management

Airworthiness review

  • Carrying out a full airworthiness review
  • Submitting airworthiness review recommendations to the relevant authorities
  • Issue of the Airworthiness Review Certificate, EASA Form 15b
  • Annual extension of the Airworthiness Review Certificate by means of a document review