PS Engineering



PS Engineering, Inc. has been a leading innovator in the field of audio control systems since 1985. Over thirty years in investing into audio control has given the company a wealth of knowledge of what makes a great audio system for the cockpit environment. Their tenacity and desire to continue to lead the field of audio control systems has never been stronger.

Today, according to the Aircraft Electronics Association’s Retrofit Survey, PS Engineering is the dominant supplier of audio control systems. Almost half of all audio control systems (intercoms and audio panels) purchased today come from PS Engineering.

We are an authorized dealer and installation center for PS Engineering products.

PS Engineering product line

PMA 4000

2 1/4″ Hole Mounted Audio Panel with built-In Intercom for switching two communications transceivers and navigation receivers.

PMA 450

6-place intercom system with bluetooth technology, USB charging port and radio recording capabilities.

PMA 6000B

Audio panel with 4-place mono intercom, music input and soft-mute system. Optional Marker Beacon receiver.

PMA 7000 Series

Up to 8-place intercom capability, hi-fi stereo intercom, Bluetooth technology and IntelliVox® audio.

PMA 8000 Series

Slide-in replacement for the Garmin GMA 340. Features IntelliAudio®, True Dimensional Sound and Bluetooth.

PAR 200A

Audio Panel/Com Radio/Hi-Fi Stereo Intercom with Bluetooth. Features remote mounted Trig Com unit.